Corporate Links offers a range of direct and shared consultancy services to support individual requirements as per the needs of our clients and provides a high quality operational performance continually monitored, dispensed with regular assurances on the suitability, timeliness and completeness to ensure their expectations.

New Business Venture

Discoveries and inventions are the frequent subjects for the human needs and necessities, will never fetch the end and unending researches are on its way globally. We are in to research and development of eco-friendly business projects and supporting the entrepreneur with complete inventory and commissioning of the projects on turnkey basis. A broad possible list of business opportunities are given in the project section, if anybody suggest a business proposal, welcoming to share with us

Our New Project

Re-organizing Sick Business Units

Several reasons identified at the later stage of an industrial failure or lapse, yet there are so many possibilities to rescue by systematic analysis and planning. We strongly believe in rectification and our attempts for restructuring of sick business units resulted positively about 60%, nevertheless the attitude of the business owners greatly matters to its success. Our specialists will find a suitable solution - contact us.

Civil Engineering & Construction

Construction and devastation is universal theory, but we are equipped with very practical construction methods comparatively 30% lesser than the present market cost and confined to strict national and international standards. A group of Engineers and Architects having decades of experience will help you to simplify the entire tasks of Concept, Design and Construction process. We have a specialized team for - cost effective constructions, traditional designs, tree house, mud house, floating huts, modern huts, floating restaurants, mobile toilets, washrooms and quality assured cost effective construction contracts

The services for Civil Engineering

  • Architecture
  • Construction planning and execution
  • Land survey
  • Site visit and collection of details
  • AUTOCAD 2D & 3D drawing
  • 3D elevation
  • Cost estimation
  • Vendor selection, negotiation and management
  • Work supervision
  • Measurements

Property Management & Real Estate

Facility Management, Buying, Selling, Sourcing & Mediation

To create landed property is not a simple task normally and nowadays manages the wealth and properties are still a bigger task, identifying the critical control points of the subject matter, we have an experienced team to help you to manage your properties effectively with a comprehensive approach considering safety and security as per your directions. We shall also assist you for buying, selling, sourcing, and mediation for purchase - land, estates, property developments, property management, estate management and honest broker services.

Import & Export

Import & Export

“Anywhere to Everywhere”- the goods moves. Consignments transits to everywhere, we shall move it for you wherever and whenever. We are “in help for” sourcing of product and produce, procurement & purchase, branding, labeling, re-packing and logistics.

Our Professionals having multi decades of experience and talent are involved in the promotion of import & export activities of large and small-scale business, agriculture sector and information-technology. The objectives of Corporate Links comprise promoting and fostering the role of the import & export professionals by providing products, exchanging information, and enhancing industries participation in import & export markets worldwide. A massive growth opportunity is open to everyone interested in personal and professional growth in the international import & export markets.

Tourism Ventures

Tourism Venture

“As the universe, we do want to wander and we are all born wanderers”

Human are intuitive to travel - from the beginning of time buoyantly; the more we travel - the more we learn. Leisure travels refreshes the body and mind. The great sages of the world from the beginning of time travelled extensively, thus they learned and taught. Our clairvoyance to this subject is not alone by discrimination of commercial welfares but the extensive identity of precise findings. Henceforth, we may be proficient to guide with subject and object. Our earned and learned knowledge ascertain to create tourism and related ventures appropriate for the topography, location and climate useful to civilization based on wide geographical spread. We may assist to anyone interested to venture into – tourism villages, holistic health care projects, medical tourism, houseboats, floating houses, pilgrim tourism, adventure tourism, forest huts, tree top huts etc as per the choice and minimum investment volume.

We also conduct package tourism for sightseeing, pilgrimage, holiday leisure spots, designed with the sole objective to provide value for the money spent by the tourists while booking rooms in the budget range of hotels at different locations in India and safe and comfortable mode of travel arrangements between the tourism locations in India and abroad.

The Golden Age Home

Import & Export

Old Age is the Golden Age, the real time for solace and companionship, the time to rejuvenate body and mind, to be with resembling souls, in the ambiance of spirit and energy under the comfort of nature’s umbrella. This is our dream of the transitory part of life - Old age part of age-old human. We are there wherever you ask to be, with the aim to fulfill our dream of old age transitory part of life - to provide and protect with “the Golden age Home”- Contact us to know more…

Live Stock, Animal Husbandry, Poultry, Dairy Farms

Import & Export

Plant life supports animal life; we, the human beings are real dependents of them together. From the house of Corporate Links, we shall discharge creative supports to the development, planning and implementation of cattle and milk production, complete assistance for animal husbandry, poultry and hi-tech dairy farms.

The global livestock sector is growing faster than any other agricultural sub-sector. It provides livelihoods to about 1.3 billion people and contributes about 40 percent to global agricultural output. For many poor farmers in developing countries, livestock are also a source of renewable energy and an essential source of organic fertilizer for their crops.

Our assurance begin with planning, training programs, selection of location, selecting of site and layout of farms, construction farm buildings, breeding and selection of animals, fodder conservation, farm management, product development and marketing , monitoring and co-ordination.

We have a specially designed very profitable goat farm project suitable for large and small-scale sector.

Goat Farm Project

Renewable Energy- Say No to Fossil Fuel

Renewable Energy

We believe in a low carbon sustainable future, that indeed an emerging emergency situation to safe guard life in earth, the great support for future of the world and life in beautiful living planet. Our contribution - we plan, engineer, develop, construct and operate energy generation projects (small and medium) of bio-fuel, wind, solar, biomass and hydropower designed and built to generate energy in the most economical way and with very less environmental impact.

Water Prospecting & Treatment

Water Prospecting

The life source “Water” is being contaminated dangerously due to reckless human race and ground water contamination has become a momentous environmental problem .The warfare chemicals, industrial, commercial and residential activities have contaminated the water with toxins all over the earth. The magnitude of this contamination has become more widely recognized in multitude, precautions and treatment techniques are discovered to control the contaminants and extensively practiced to overcome this endangerment. We may help you with the systematic methods for “the perfect utilization of water resources and reusing system”. We are conducting ground water exploration, prospecting for water with geophysical methods, surface geological surveys, drinking water projects, treatment plant & machinery, ultraviolet dis-infectors, reverse osmosis plant, sewage treatment plant, domestic and industrial water purifiers, water purification and distribution projects, designing of plant and machinery for packaged drinking water, waste water treatment, ozone generators and ozone water treatment systems and hi-tech ozonators.

Agriculture Projects

“The Agriculture is Future Culture”

The Agriculture is Future Culture

“Agriculture is a common global phenomenon”. We will help to identify suitable land, gracefully blessed with geographical beauty, topography, suitable location, climate, useful selective viable crops and demand market for the produce. Anyone having interest and positive attitude towards agriculture can be a successful agriculturist and farm owner.

Our experienced experts in agricultural projects may assist with a clean out look of safe industrialization in agro – based projects considering overall business perspective through innovative methods, strategies and solutions in production and marketing of value added agricultural products, organic farming, manufacturing of organic manure and insecticides, conversion of dry land to fertile agricultural land, green house, poly house, season based cultivation, floriculture, aqua culture, horticulture, hydroponics etc…

Total IT solutions

Total IT solutions

The world welcomes the invention of the information technology and its application in every field amazingly. The results are greater than the expectations. Day by day, the invention promotion brings new possibilities in IT applications - this wonder tech. boosts the entire inventions so far and maximizes efficiency to the multitudes.

Our IT Services:


Medical Transcription

Software Solutions

Web Design & Development

Network Solutions

Advertising & Brand Promotion

Advertising & Brand Promotion

“The service provider towards more proactive and predictive“

Our mission is creating the path of realization – Your perception of realm to world by word and art to create trust and authority of your Brand.

Our operating model with a comprehensive approach based on a unified podium designed for rapid progress to the brand expansion, coordination with the clients to understand their specific requirements. Professional designers will assist you to convey the designed languages of logo designing, creative designing, creative gifts, corporate gifts, digital printing, promotional leaflets, business brochure, catalog designing, cost-effectively with timely results. Our creative works comprise almost all the advertising materials and authorize with satisfaction guarantee.

Corporate Affairs

Corporate Affairs


  •  Accounting system design and set up.
  •  Developing accounting policies and procedures
  • Preparation and maintenance of Books of Accounts.
  • Maintenance of Accounts Receivable and Accounts Payable.

Internal Audit and Internal Control

  • Formulation of internal policies and procedures.
  • Implementation of internal procedures.
  • Evaluation of newly implemented procedures.


  • Value Added Tax.
  • Income Tax.
  • Service Tax.
  • Central Sales Tax.
  • Excise and Customs.

Registration of Firms.

  • Incorporation of Companies.
  • Registration of Trusts, Partnership Firms, Societies.
  • Formation of Limited Liability Partnership Firms.

Documentation and Legal Compliances.

  • Compliance with ROC norms.
  • Preparation of Partnership Deed and Trust Deed.
  • Applying for PAN Card and Digital Signature.

Inventory Management and Control.

Cost Analysis.

Hiring and training of in-house accountants.

PAN Card & Digital Signature Certification Services

Licensing & Documentation

Liaison & Representation

Standardization & Certification

Human Resource - Development, management, training and outsourcing services

Facility Management and Lease Administration

Project commissioning (on Turnkey basis)

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