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Kreupasanam Coastal Folk Art Academy

The project at a glance
The concept of Kreupasanam Coastal Folk Art Academy has been
a dream project of Rev.Fr. Dr. V.P.Joseph Valiyaveetil for the
rejuvenation, documentation and institutionalise the classical coastal
heritage folk arts, such as Chavittunadakam, Parichamuttukali,
Annavipattukal, Ammanapattukal, Puthenpana, Kadal Vanchipattukal,
Devasthavili, Slama carol, Pichapattukal and Parichakali. Many of
this Coastal Folk Arts forms are limited to the derivation and not
academically propagated to the magnitude as a deserving art form
even in Kerala State. Although these coastal folk arts are verbally
known to people, staging only in certain locations even in the coastal
belt of the State. The concept is to have all these art forms in an
academy to research, develop, teach and practice with scientific
documentation available to everyone in this globe.

Interested may contact us for details. Corporate Links will manage the entire business management on profit sharing basis.