Amrithamudi Eco Friendly Agro

The project profile
Amrithamudi Eco Friendly Agro - Tourism Project is a concept developed by Corporate
Links. The opportunity to develop this project has been credited to M/s. Vembanadu Farm
Tourism and Resorts Private Limited. We have made thorough inspections, surveys and
impact studies to develop this tourism combined agro farm project. We have considered
our effort as a sincere application to the field of agro - tourism sector which enable the
tourism segment a boom and a boon to the promoters.
The eco-tourism project site is located in the mountain region near the boundary of Kottayam
district, in Kokkayar Village, Peermedu Taluk, Idukki district of Kerala State. This tourist hub
location has many scenic values and primeval areas of tourists’ interests.
The Amrithamudi hills on Western Ghats, has Natural climatic conditions, blessed with 6
phase of favourable climatic change within 365 days. The land’s beauty highlighted with
natural springs and cascades that too in abundance. The tall trees, jungle roads, steep green
grass hills surrounded by Blue Mountains in all sides, natural sounds of the wild inhabitants
are the Natures gift for this lush virgin mountain region - Amrithamudi hills. These are some
of the fair and rare attractions of the unique eco-system with richest bio-diversity available
in the Western Ghats of Kerala. This location is attractive to anybody from anywhere in this
The Amrithamudi hills, streaming valleys, springs and cascades that contribute to the unique
terrain, which can provide unbelievably exceptional adventure experiences. Mountains and
forests intersperse to create numerous land trails, trekking routes and opportunities for
special adventure sports. This tourist spot may attract during the monsoon season because
of it’s 13 cascades followed by streams throughout the land on hold of the company, this is
really an added advantage. This location is remarkable asset for the tourism segment.

Interested may contact us for details. Corporate Links will manage the entire business management on profit sharing basis.