Agriculture /Coconut plantation

Scientific coconut plantation

Scientific cultivation of coconut
1. Selection of farming location.
2. Soil testing and water analysis.
3. As per the results of the soil and water quality, we have to suggest the variety of the plant suitable to agro climatic conditions, soil fertility and the layout of the land has great influence on the growth of the palm. The major soil types that support coconut are laterite, alluvial, red sandy loam, coastal sandy and reclaimed soils with a pH ranging from 5.2 to 8.0.

The climatic requirements
Coconut is essentially a tropical plant but has been found to grow under varying agro- climatic conditions. The mean annual temperature for optimum growth and maximum yield is stated to be 270C with a diurnal variation of 60C to 70C and relative humidity more than 60 %. The coconut palm thrives well up to an altitude of 600 m above MSL. The coconut palm thrives well under an evenly distributed annual rainfall ranging from 1000 mm to 3000 mm. However, a well distributed rainfall of about 2000 mm is the ideal for proper growth and higher yield.

We shall undertake the following works.
•    Nursery management techniques
•    Irrigation management
•    Fertilizer management
•    Organic farming
•    Preparation of organic manure
•    Recycling of organic waste
•    Improved palm based cropping systems
•    Identification and control of pests and diseases
•    Identification of parental lines
•    Hybridization / variety development techniques
•    Drought management strategies
•    Soil and water conservation
•    Farm mechanization
•    Prediction of coconut production under future climate change using simulation model.
•    Processing technologies such as virgin coconut oil (VCO) preparation, coconut chips, vinegar, jaggery preparation.

Pre and post-harvest implements, irrigation devices, spraying machines, climbing devices, VCO cooker, solar drier of copra, chips making device, coconut test remover, coconut grating machine etc.

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