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Next to diamonds, flowers are best gift!!!

This project is aimed for the intensive flower farming (floriculture), growing and marketing of flowers and foliage plants, ornamental plants for direct sale or raw materials in cosmetic and perfume industry, pharmaceutical sector etc.  The purpose of the project also includes the production of planting materials - seeds, cuttings, budding and grafting with the art and implement the scientific knowledge of growing flowers to the perfection as per the market demand. Floriculture is having immense potential for generating gainful self-employment among the small and marginal farmers in Idukki district in Kerala. Considering the geographical, geological and climatic factors and the highly educated unemployed youths, who can turn to self-employees with a profitable agri-business (floriculture) in our state. The demands are high in local markets, Indian markets and worldwide - export markets.  Corporate Links provides land, technical, technological support for growing flower and foliage plants to the persons interested or associated in the agro-farming segment.  We will develop them to be the successful scientific floriculturists with continuous attractive financial benefits from the knowledge based flora crops round the year.

 The scope of the project at a glance

More than 140 countries are involved in commercial floriculture. Netherlands the leading flower producing country and Germany the best importer while The United States of America and Japan are the highest consumers. The major exporters are Colombia, Israel, Spain and Kenya. This is a brief of market spectrum worldwide. Our annual domestic demands for the flowers are growing rapidly at a rate of over 25% and the international demand may crosses multi folds of this.
 Both the Central and State Governments identified floriculture as a highly potential, profitable as well as a demanding agro-industry, accorded as 100 percent export oriented status and promoting farming of the important floricultural crops.

According to statistics in 2015, flower crops only spread over approximately 250 thousand hectares in our country. Flower market of Kerala still depends up on the neighboring states for the availability of certain varieties of cut flowers. The international cut flower demands are rose, carnation, chrysanthemum, gerbera, gladiolus, orchids, anthurium, tulip, lilies, pot plants, cut foliage, seeds bulbs, tubers, rooted cuttings and dried flowers or leaves and the present cultivation is very less than the demand market. We are having a definite feasible demanding market – no doubt about it.

The business scope

Next to diamonds, flowers are a girl's best friend; and starting a florist shop is a relatively easy business to get up and rolling. There are really three important issues to address in order for a florist shop to become successful. The first is business location, and the location must be in a high-traffic and highly visible area to increase walk-in business. The second issue is delivery. The business must provide customers with a fast and efficient delivery service. The third important aspect of the business is national exposure. The business must join a florist association that promotes national delivery regardless of geographic location as some florist shops gain as much as 25 percent of their business from people who order flowers from outside the service area of the florist. Corporate Links will provide a practical business plan to interested entrepreneurs.
The plantation location (Floriculture)

The proposed plantation location is Idukki District, situated at the top of Western Ghats, geographically known for its mountainous hills and dense forests. These mountain chains influence the climate of the state largely. The mountains and forests cover about 97 percent of the total area of the district and famed for its spice production, tea plantations, rubber and other cultivation. The mother nature still preserve natural dynamic eco-systems of these beautiful mountain ranges.   Agriculture settlements are concentrated in this region but still there is a lot of non-cultivated land having a hopeful chance of shift towards floriculture. Farmers or unemployed to explore the valuable agro – business possibilities, can gainfully exploit this on the treasure land, which with high amount of diversity in indigenous - for the cultivation and preparation of national and provincial floras.   

Interested may contact us for details. Corporate Links will manage the entire business management on profit sharing basis.

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