Animal Farm /Commercial Goat Farming

Goat farm (Multifold Profitable Project)

Location - Palakkad District

The goats are meat, wool and milk producing animals. Goat meat is one of the choicest meats and its domestic demand is very high. Economic prospects of goat farming and rearing under intensive system for commercial production by improved goat farming technologies will fetch amazing profit returns certainly.

Corporate Links assisted by experienced scientists are capable to identify the best scientific goat husbandry and breeding stock. A special feeding methodology is developed to improve meat with medicinal values (medicinal plants as fodder).

For developing this project, we have identified suitable land an extend of 11 acres - in the valley of Nelliampathy Hills, Palakkad District, Kerala State; an agricultural location ideal for goat farm for meat products, having inbuilt fodder cultivation, feed production, manure processing and packaging unit. All technical, scientific project supports will be provided.

Interested investors may contact us – we will built up the whole project, operate with them and transfer with assuring profit results.

Interested may contact us for details. Corporate Links will manage the entire business management on profit sharing basis.